Roses and The Petite Cannon

Walking further into the grounds of the Palais Royale, you’ll find yourself surrounded by gorgeous roses. Or you will if you’re lucky like I was, and unintentionally time your visit with their bloom season.

And if you look closely, you’ll notice a small cannon installed on one of the lawns between the rows of rose bushes.

According to French Centre of National Monuments, “The meridian cannon of the Palais-Royal was designed by Sieur Rousseau, a watchmaker at the 95 of the Beaujolais Gallery in 1786.

The bronze cannon installed on the meridian line of Paris thundered at noon , thanks to a magnifying glass that caused the firing of the wick on sunny days.

Regarded as the best in Paris, the little gun attracted a large audience who came to adjust his watch.”

The gun was stolen in 1998, so what you see in the image above is actually a replica that was installed in the original’s place in 2002.

I love stumbling across random bits of history like this!

Bonne journée!


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