La Kouignette

If you follow my other blog, Fernweh Friday, you may recall the time that my life was dramatically changed by a new (to me) French pastry: kouign amann.

When I returned to Paris several months later, I knew that I’d be shoveling several into my mouth during my week-long visit.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to travel very far. Close to my hotel is Maison Georges Larnicol, which is home to a variety of mini kouign amann. Mini being perfect, because it meant I could try multiple flavours without too much guilt.

The mini kouign amann, or la kouignette as they’re delightfully called at Mason Georges Larnicol, are kept in a self-serve case, which meant I didn’t have to embarrass myself with shoddy attempts at speaking en français. Especially while hyperventilating and drooling. And not only sweet versions are on offer – you choose between sweet and savoury. In the end, the hardest part was narrowing down my choices.

I left the gorgeous shop holding onto my box of kouignette like it was a prized and delicate jewel. I could hardly wait to try one back at the hotel.

Let’s take a closer look..

The classic. If this is the only version you ever try, you’ll still die happy.


For savoury, I selected the following..



And last but certainly not least, olive tapenade..

All of them were delicious. I’m tempted to look for cheap airfare just to buy another box or six.

What delightful food have you discovered while travelling that you’d happily hop on a plane to have again?

Bon appetit!


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