Nightfall at the Louvre

Strolling in Paris at night is one of my favourite things to do in the city. On one of our first nights there, my friends and I decided to head to the Louvre. Not because we wanted to head inside, but because seeing the pyramids and grand palace against the night sky are always a treat.

We entered the grounds via Cour Carrée, a courtyard enclosed to form a square of about 160 meters on each side.

Our excitement of being back in Paris was running high, and we decided to take a few fun photos. Like this one, which Baxter captioned, “When you’re too cheap to pay admission to get into the Louvre.”.

Here’s what our cameras saw while we stood on tiptoes.

Next we entered the more well-known Cour Napoléon et Pyramide du Louvre. Baxter and Karen replicated a photo that he had taken years previously.

Anywhere else, I’d probably have been slightly embarrassed for them and their fromage. But, this is where people go to take their cheesy photos.

Like this couple standing absolutely still, only changing their pose as a photographer shouted at them.

Here’s looking back at the entrance we came through.

A quick selfie in front of the largest pyramid (which is also the main entrance of the Louvre museum).

Oh look! Another photo shoot.

This one was more glamourous, complete with a small photography crew with lights and multiple cameras.

After a slew of photos taken of the two separately, they were joined for more awkwardly posed “romantic” shots.

Remind me that if I ever get married, I need to return to the Louvre for my own cheesy photoshoot. I’ll bring multiple outfits. Of course, Celine Dion will blast from my phone. Maybe I’ll practice a choreographed dance. Crowds will surround us, and everyone will clap and weep. It’ll be pure fromage magic.

I may have just vomited in my mouth a little bit.

Bonne journée!


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