La Jacobine

To celebrate my birthday in Paris, I enjoyed a lovely dinner at one of my favourite restaurants. I’ve been to La Jacobine several times over the years and it never disappoints.

This time I was with my coworker, Baxter, and his long-suffering wife, Karen. I kid, of course.

It was fun to get together several times throughout the week. Our dinner at La Jacobine was our last time together before we went our separate ways.

I’m not an huge bread person, but that all changes once I arrive in France.

Normally I’d order the gooey and sinful onion soup, but this time I opted for the duck confit. It’s out of this world.

Dessert was a feature; a pistachio and raspberry tart. It was the perfect end to a special meal.

I was sure to not drink too much wine with dinner, as I didn’t want to make multiple trips down the death trap stairs down to the toilet.

Look. At. Them.

I find them extra terrifying given my special talent of falling and injuring myself doing normal tasks.

Death trap stairs aside, La Jacobine remains a Parisian favourite. I’m not sure when I’ll be back in France, but I know I’ll be back for another meal.

What’s your favourite Paris restaurant?

Bon appetit!


One thought on “La Jacobine

  1. I live Frenchie’s but it’s so pricey. Frenchie’s on the Go is a nice backup. But my favorite is Robert et Louise (I’m not sure of the spelling) in the Marais. I will have to try Le Jacobine next trip. Nice post.

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