Birch Bay State Park

A quick jaunt across the border took us camping at Birch Bay State Park this past weekend.

It’s officially camping season and while I’m not into roughing it, spending time outside is always nice. Sleeping in our DIY van-turned-camper makes for an enjoyable experience.

We started our morning with delicious breakfast sandwiches, stuffed with bacon, eggs and Cheddar.

These gave us energy for our walk down to the beach, and then into town.

We asked a local en route for a suggestion for a decent cup of coffee. He recommended The C Shop, so we headed there.

Along with our coffees, we split a cinnamon bun. It was so incredibly good (fluffy and light, while perfectly flavoured) that I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of time since either thinking or talking about it.

Afterwards, we headed back to camp, enjoying the views along the way.

Later that day I suggested ice cream to combat the Summer heat. I’m not sure what possessed me to order it, but I went with bubble gum flavour. Yum!

Later that night we made dinner back at camp. Steak with new potatoes and a simple salad.

You know when your food is so good that no one talks and the meal is enjoyed in silence? It was one of those meals.

After dinner we relaxed for a while before packing up and heading back home. I liked this 2-in-1 tree in our campsite.

We had booked the campsite for a second night, but I have a back injury that meant the best place for me would be at home.

I look forward to our next camping weekend in several weeks. While we won’t be heading back to Birch Bay this time, I do look forward to a day trip to get another cinnamon bun if nothing else.

Bonne journée!


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