Paris – #POTD

I’d read mixed reviews about La Conciergerie, so I wasn’t sure that I’d ever visit. But after a pretty full-on week though, I’m spending my last full day in Paris close to my hotel.

It turns out that I’m one of those people who finds La Conciergerie and its history fascinating, and I’m glad that I threw caution to the wind and visited it today.

Of course, being a #POTD, I’ll share more photos and information in a future post.

Bonne journée!


2 thoughts on “Paris – #POTD

  1. Looking forward to your future post on La Conciergerie. I’m one of those who didn’t like it very much, since when I was there (several years ago) the ground floor was empty and the reconstruction of Marie Antoinette’s jail cell looked quite phony to me. But I’ll be interested in seeing what you found there.

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    1. The main hall is still empty, and from what I’ve heard they’ve removed the phony looking set-up from MA’s cell (there was next to nothing in it today) but there were enough information boards throughout the museum to give me a good idea of what it had once been like.

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