But First, the Château Grounds

We’ll get to the delights on display inside Château de Fontainebleau soon, but after reminiscing about our picnic I thought I’d share some more photos that I took outside.

I recently learned that these are called bracket fungus. Awkward name, but pretty just the same.

The grounds surrounding the Château seem to go on and on forever. Imagine having to mow the lawn!

I liked the double sided benches dotted along this pathway. They’re a perfect spot to sit in the shade for a quick rest.

The carp pond was created during the reign of Henry IV, and was used not only by the Court for boat parties but also a source of fish for mealtimes.

You can rent row boats during warmer months, although we didn’t see anyone out on the water during our visit.

I love this old door and wonder where it leads to. Just imagine the things it has seen and the secrets it holds.

And here are some photos of the impressive building itself.

I hate when I catch myself in the shot when I’m trying to not be in it. But sadly this is the only photo I got of this intricate window design. Le sigh.

It’s gorgeous though, isn’t it?

In 1814, Napoleon signed his abdication and said his final goodbye to the guards from these stairs which are in the Cour des Adieux (Farewell Courtyard, aptly named after the event).

Unfortunately there was a large school group assembling on the stairs for a photo, so I only managed these two photos.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these photos. I plan to have some of the interior posted over the weekend. Until then..

Bonne journée!


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