Notre Dame Cathedral

As the live feeds online show the growing destruction to one of Paris’ most famous landmarks, I am in shock and horror. I feel sick. And I know I’m not alone, as millions around the world wait for news on the fate of Notre Dame Cathedral.

I’ve visited the Cathedral many times, and was excited to learn a few days ago that the statues (edit: I had incorrectly said spires when posting) were being removed for restoration. It meant that I’d be able to see them up close and personal on display during my visit to Paris next month. I’m reminded how quickly things can change. My thoughts are with everyone in Paris, especially those who continue to battle the horrific blaze.


9 thoughts on “Notre Dame Cathedral

  1. Yes, it was horrifying. I watched it live on BFM TV for four hours, until they finally got the fire under control shortly after midnight.

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    1. Several years ago there was an attempted car bombing next to Notre Dame. My friend and I were at ND that same day (earlier) but we didn’t learn about it until several days later while watching the news (it was the only English language tv channel available). It’s weird how things like that happen isn’t it?

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  2. It’s a heartbreak. I’m French, living abroad for many years, but go “back” to Paris every summer. Notre-Dame is always my beacon there. At least the debate now is how long it will take to rebuild…
    (Have a nice trip)

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