French street artist, Levalet, is best known for using the wheat-paste poster and stencil technique. Think back to the gloppy glue you used when creating paper mâche crafts in kindergarten class. This enables an artist to create their pieces elsewhere before adhering them to whatever surface they choose.

As most street art is illegal, this popular method gives a street artist the opportunity to create site-specific pieces with minute details and only risking being caught during the short time installment takes.

Of course, not all art installations are put up in the middle of the night by an unknown petty criminal as the rest of the world sleeps. As street art continues to gain in popularity, more and more installations are commissioned.

Take Levalet’s, Conflict of Interest at Paris’ Fare Saint-Lazare, as example.

In typical Lavalet style, this piece interacts with an otherwise mundane drinking fountain and ends up making you scratch your head while wondering what the heck is going on. That’s what it does for me, anyway.

Have you seen Conflict of Interest? It’s one of three Lavalet pieces at the train station, but this is the only one I saw.

Bonne journée!


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