Cat in the Window

While scrolling through the WordPress reader, I came across a post about cats in a window on lifelessons with an invitation for people to share their own cats in windows photos.

As a proud borderline Crazy Cat Lady, I couldn’t resist. Here are some pictures I took early one morning in Paris. It was May 2016 and my friend, Miss Stephanie, and I were headed to Sacré Cœur. I noticed movement behind a curtain in a window we were passing and stopped to take a look. A kitten!

Obviously I had to snap some photos .. while awkwardly talking in an high pitch voice to the cat that a) couldn’t hear me through the glass and b) even if it could I’m sure it wouldn’t understand me. Because it was a French cat. Le moaw.

Bonne journée!


5 thoughts on “Cat in the Window

  1. They are a little bit sad, aren’t they? Like he/she really wants to get out. The last one is especially plaintive. Thanks for sending them! You are the 22nd posting.. three to go!!

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