I See Dead.. Animals

I used to be quite squeamish about taxidermy. I once knew someone who’s parents had stuffed pheasants on a ledge above the main staircase of their house.

Every time I passed under them, I was sure the birds would come to life and peck my eyes out. I don’t know how they acquired them, and figured some questions were best unasked.

The Museum of Vancouver has a current exhibit called, Wild Things, which is supposed to encourage people to examine their relationship with nature, think about momentarily disconnecting from their devices, and find equilibrium with the natural world around them“. It includes, you guess it, multiple stuffed animals.

I found myself fascinated, although still somewhat bothered. I don’t want to know where the artifacts came from, and only hope that the animals didn’t meet their demise because of human sport or entertainment.

The unexpected dinner guest..

In one room there was a stuffed owl high up in a corner. In the centre of the room was a screen showing what the owl would see with its night vision.

I thought it was pretty neat. Although I’d appreciate it more if the owl wasn’t, you know, dead. And on that positive note..

Bonne journée!


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