Tilikum Place Cafe

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I posted about Bambino’s Pizzeria?

I mentioned in that post that we ended up at Bambino’s because we didn’t want to wait to for over an hour to get a table at a cute little cafe down the block.

Not all was lost though, because we called later that day to make a reservation at said cute little cafe for the following morning.

After checking out of our hotel we headed to Tilikum Place Cafe, and arrived with minutes to spare.

Our reservation was set for opening and unsurprisingly, after seeing how busy it was the day before, there were a couple of dozen other hungry people waiting alongside us for the doors to open.

The lovely woman who greeted us remembered us from the day before, and had been the one we’d made our reservation with. I had mentioned to her on the phone that we were headed back home to Canada after brunch. When we arrived she thanked us for coming back and seated us at one of the coveted window tables.

Literally minutes after arriving the cafe was near packed. We quickly ordered so our food would (hopefully) come out before everyone else’s.

The little biscuit served with our coffees reminded me of being in Europe.

We ordered a French press for the two of us to share. Seattle is known for its coffee scene and this did not disappoint.

If you happen to follow my other blog, Fernweh Friday, you’ll likely have picked up on the fact that my boyfriend feels compelled to order spaghetti Bolognese if it’s on the menu. It’s become a bit of a running joke. Anyway, another of his favourites is French Onion Soup.

It was delicious. I’d say it was one of the best I’ve ever tried. It was served with an harissa chicken salad baguette which was also tasty.

I ordered Quiche Lorraine, which was served with a lightly dressed salad. The leaves were massive (personal pet peeve) but the quiche was so nice that I barely grumbled about the ridiculous lettuce on my plate.

All said and done, Tilikum Place Cafe was an enjoyable dining experience and I hope to return next time we’re in Seattle.

Bonne journée!


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