Affinities: Canadian Artists and France

Running alongside the Vancouver Art Gallery’s French Moderns exhibition that I posted about on Sunday is Affinities: Canadian Artists and France.

It’s a neat look at the significance that French art and culture has held for Canadian artists over the past 120 years,

Here’s a look at the pieces that jumped out at me..

Luxembourg Gardens, James Wilson Morrice
A Country Lane, James Wilson Morrice
Brittany Farm, Maurice Cullen
Tangiers, James Wilson Morrice
Une Rue à Trois-Rivières, Marc-Aurèle de Foy Suzor-Côté
Mountain Hill, Quebec, James Wilson Morrice
North Shore, Lake Superior, Y.A. Jackson
Seated Girl, Emily Carr
Portrait of Margo Brekendidge, Laura Muntz Lyall

Perhaps you noticed that I posted several paintings by James Wilson Morrice. I had never heard of him before but, given that I obviously like his work, I’m off to search the internet to learn more about him.

Affinities: Canadian Artists and France runs at the Vancouver Art Gallery until May 20th if you’re interested.

Bonne journée!


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