French Moderns

I recently visited the Vancouver Art Gallery, to check out their current exhibition. French Moderns, Monet to Matisse, highlights the pivotal role Paris played in modern art from 1850 to 1950.

Visitors can see works by many celebrated artists – not only those native to France, but also those who trained and exhibited there.

Here are some of the pieces that jumped out at me. We’ll start with Monet and make our way to Matisse.

Rising Tide at Pourville, Claude Monet
The Wave, Gustave Courbet
The Age of Bronze, Auguste Rodin
The End of the Working Day, Jules Breton
Young Girl on a Bench, Édouard Manet
Top: Still Life with Blue Cup, Pierre-Auguste Renoir | Bottom: The Vineyards at Cagnes, Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Madame Boursier And Her Daughter, Better Morisot
The Little Cook, Pierre Édouard Frère
The Climb, Rue de la Côte-du-Jalet, Pontoise, Camille Jacob Pissarro
Danaid, Auguste Rodin
Danaid, Auguste Rodin
An Embarrassment of Choices (A Difficult Choice), Jehan Georges Vibert
In the Garden, Robert Delaunay
The Village of Gardanne, Paul Cézanne
Still Life with Fan, Georges Lemmen

I’ve never noticed someone signing their work anywhere other than the bottom corner. What a rebel!

Still Life with Fan, Georges Lemmen
Model Washing Her Hair, Aleksandr Yakovlev
Crossroads at Malabry, Henri Matisse
Woman in an Armchair, Henri Matisse
Flowers, Henri Matisse

French Moderns runs until May 20th if you’re interested in checking it out yourself.

Bonne journée!


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