Behind the Hedges

Do you ever find yourself in a situation, where you’re not actually sure what’s going on? While my friend, Stephanie, and I were strolling through Jardin des Tuileries several years ago, minding our own business, we found ourselves in such a situation.

We noticed a statue of a woman and stopped to take a look. Suddenly, off to the side, we noticed movement and turned our gaze in its direction. Two heads had popped up from behind a row of hedges.

Two heads attached to maybe naked men.

Because of the height of the hedges, we couldn’t see the two men from head to toe. Given that it was midday in one of the busiest places in central Paris, I’m going to assume that they weren’t completely nude.. but it was such a funny unexpected sight that I couldn’t help but take a quick photo.

And typical to my luck, one of them looked directly at my phone as I took the photo.

We still don’t know exactly what was going on behind those hedges, and perhaps it’s best that way. But every time I see this photo I laugh at the memory.

Bonne journée!


8 thoughts on “Behind the Hedges

  1. I assume that the sculpture of the woman in your photo is by Maillol — one of the group of sculptures that was installed there at the behest of his former model Dina Vierny.

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      1. Dina disapproved of those tall hedges (which were planted later) because she said they obscured people’s views of the ensemble of the statues.

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    1. This would surprise me in Paris, where wearing shorts is typically looked down upon.. at least according to all the “what not to wear in Paris” blog posts I’ve come across over the years. But yes, very possible! 🙂

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